Heritage Days 2020

Heritage Days 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a serious impact on what we have been able to do at the mill this year. This includes the cancellation of our opening on the National Mills Weekend and now, unfortunately, the cancellation of our opening for the Heritage Open Days this year.

Even without the pandemic access to the mill would have been difficult due to the closure of the footpath and bridge over Beeleigh Falls.

Instead we have extended our web site to coincide with the event.

Under normal circumstances the mill can only be reached on foot. Many walkers pass the site unaware that a large, five storey, watermill and steam mill stood on this site.

The picture at the head of the page is that which is seen as one approaches down the lane from Beeleigh Abbey and Maldon.

The picture below is as seen when approaching from Beeleigh Falls.

In the trees on the right, the observant walker may have seen a sunken area, surround by brickwork.

Using the interactive map below, click on the variously coloured ares to explore this area in more detail.

If after this virtual visit you are inspired to visit the mill, follow us on Facebook where we will keep you updated about future actual open days.